Quien Soy

My first poem came to me at the age of 14. Crossed legged, inside my room on a dark evening during the fall. I turned on incense and played a tape on a dusty personal cassette player my father gave me. The cassette, Music of Meso-America; reverberated drums, clay flutes, the sounds of tropical birds and my mind went into full meditation, one that 14 years of Catholic methodical benediction could not achieve.


I went into a trance. I left my room. I saw the soil of dark earth beating in her pure form. The sun glistening over pyramids, people dressed in regalia of alabaster manta with painted swirls in bright colors… When I returned to my room in central Santa Ana near Townsend street, I felt a pulsing urge to write what I had seen and have been writing poetry ever since.


I have presented workshops about poetry and offered writing workshops in various spaces including social justice conferences; for collaborations with artists groups such as Seeds of Resistance, Workshop for Community Arts and Breath of Fire. Periodically, I've served as a writing advisor for Barrio Writers since 2012.


I write poetry and like to play with creative non-fiction and performance art. I performed a performance art piece at El Centro Cultural de Mexico in 2014 for the Seeds of Resistance Live art Show titled La Madre and performed an extended version of the same piece at La Bodegita in Santa Ana and UCLA for Bozalta’s Online Art Zine release in 2015.


My poetry has been published in the following publications: The American Poetry Review, The Academic Journal for MALCS, Mujeres de Maize Zine, Bozalta Literary and Arts Zine, Open Doors Poetry Anthology, Recycled Languages Cartonera Zine, Seeds of Resistance Zine and La Bloga’s Poets Responding to SB1070.


My first poetry chapbook titled Trece Poemas was self-published in 2012. Xicanx Affirmations is my second poetry chapbook (2019) published by Libromobile.  

I’ve been teaching English Language Arts in High School for the Santa Ana Unified School District since 2016. My greatest blessings are my children Luis Jazz and Sofia Citlalli.


For bookings, workshops or readings email: lara119@mail.chapman.edu.